What is this thing called impact? – A look into impact entrepreneurship

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Is impact at risk of becoming another buzzword? Alisa Mick, the co-founder of the North Mix and head of GITA Finland thinks so. In this blogpost, Alisa discusses what impact is and, more importantly, what it isn't. She also showcases an exceptional Finnish impact company, Origin by Ocean, tackling one of the biggest climate issues: the eutrophication problem of the Baltic Sea.

Six questions with Inklusiiv’s Yesmith Sánchez on D&I, belonging and talent – “Solving the talent shortage starts with inclusion”

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This month's six questions have everything to do with creating inclusion and supporting diversity – a core issue when it comes to attracting new talent to Finland, according to Inklusiiv's Yesmith Sánchez, a D&I specialist, and Business Strategy professional.

Finland is approaching a talent crisis that we keep on denying

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Today, funding is no longer the biggest obstacle to growth and internationalization for startups, talent shortage is. Our growth companies are no longer able to find skilled professionals for the challenges they want to address.

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