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Startup Foundation

The purpose of the Startup Foundation is to support and enable entrepreneurship and the creation, growth and internationalization of startups in the Nordics. The foundation was established in 2012.

The foundation has ownership in the growth entrepreneurship event Slush, the hackathon community Junction, the private equity fund Wave Ventures, The Shortcut and the startup campus Maria01.







Recapping the Startup Foundation’s panel about Mental Health

Last week, the Startup Foundation hosted it's first-ever panel discussion. The theme was Mental Health of Startup Founders.


Startups will save the climate

Climate tech investment grows five times faster than the rest of the venture capital market. However, funding negative emissions technologies can be challenging. Verneri Välimaa dives into the mysteries of carbon removal, climate change and startups with Heidi Lindvall, Harri Lammi and Henrietta Moon.


Six questions with Harri Iisakka, the CEO of Wave Ventures

In the latest Six Questions -series we introduce Wave Ventures' freshly appointed CEO Harri Iisakka. Wave's team consists of a diverse group of students and is supported by experienced investors and serial entrepreneurs around the Nordics.


Breaking the silence – mental health of startup founders

The societal stigma surrounding mental health is preventing people from seeking support; startup founders are particularly at high risk of suffering mental challenges. When we fail to take action early, the result can be devastating for the individual, the company and all stakeholders.


A deep dive into the state of impact investing – interviewing investors from, NGP Capital and Taaleri

Impact investing is a growing trend globally, and for good reason. Annika Sjöberg of NGP Capital, Pauliina Martikainen of, and Pekka Samuelsson of Taaleri Group provide insights from an investor's perspective on investing into impact.


What is this thing called impact? – A look into impact entrepreneurship

Is impact at risk of becoming another buzzword? Alisa Mick, the co-founder of the North Mix and head of GITA Finland thinks so. In this blogpost, Alisa discusses what impact is and, more importantly, what it isn't. She also showcases an exceptional Finnish impact company, Origin by Ocean, tackling one of the biggest climate issues: the eutrophication problem of the Baltic Sea.


Foundation’s board member and Professor Emeritus Eero Eloranta on Finnish innovations in the 80s and how students have changed the game

The introductory series of Foundation's board members continues with Eero Eloranta, a well-known face within the student-led entrepreneurship community within Aalto University. In this interview, Eero walked us through the history of the Finnish innovation ecosystem and how the students changed the game for everyone.


Six questions with Inklusiiv’s Yesmith Sánchez on D&I, belonging and talent – ”Solving the talent shortage starts with inclusion”

This month's six questions have everything to do with creating inclusion and supporting diversity – a core issue when it comes to attracting new talent to Finland, according to Inklusiiv's Yesmith Sánchez, a D&I specialist, and Business Strategy professional.


Six questions with Inka Mero, Managing Partner at Voima Ventures – “Deep tech companies will help Finland rise to the next level”

Voima Ventures is led by one of the most distinguished investors and public voices in Finland and in the Nordics, Inka Mero. As a serial entrepreneur, company builder, and investor, Inka has been part of it all. Now, she's leading the team at Voima Ventures to find and build world-changing deep tech companies – while trying to figure out ways to Finland to support their growth.


“There is room to grow” – Introducing our newest board member Emma Lehikoinen

We are excited to introduce the latest addition to the Foundation's board, Emma Lehikoinen. Emma has been an integral part of the local startup ecosystem, first through working as the President at Slush and now as the expansion lead at Swappie, one of the fastest-growing Finnish startups.


Six questions with Janne Snellman, the Chairperson of the Board of the Startup Foundation

To understand better how the Foundation's board functions, we asked six scintillating questions from Janne Snellman, the Chairperson of the Board, covering everything from the purpose of the board to its plans for the next decade.

11.12.2020 update 3.0 released is a set of standardized legal documents for startups. The templates include a Termsheet, Shareholders’ Agreement and Investment Agreement.


Finland is approaching a talent crisis that we keep on denying

Today, funding is no longer the biggest obstacle to growth and internationalization for startups, talent shortage is. Our growth companies are no longer able to find skilled professionals for the challenges they want to address.


Introducing Startup Foundation’s new CEO – ”The ecosystem needs diversity”

As the societal importance of startups continues to grow, current challenges must be addressed. The Startup Foundation wants to foster the emergence of diverse startup communities with new talent, science-based startups, and Helsinki's growth into an international startup hub.