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Startup Foundation

The purpose of the Startup Foundation is to support and enable entrepreneurship and the creation, growth and internationalization of startups in the Nordics. The foundation was established in 2012.

The foundation has ownership in the growth entrepreneurship event Slush, the hackathon community Junction, the private equity fund Wave Ventures, The Shortcut and the startup campus Maria01.







Six questions with Janne Snellman, the Chairperson of the Board of the Startup Foundation

To understand better how the Foundation's board functions, we asked six scintillating questions from Janne Snellman, the Chairperson of the Board, covering everything from the purpose of the board to its plans for the next decade.

11.12.2020 update 3.0 released is a set of standardized legal documents for startups. The templates include a Termsheet, Shareholders’ Agreement and Investment Agreement. An update on the documents has been prepared with the supporting community.


Finland is approaching a talent crisis that we keep on denying

Today, funding is no longer the biggest obstacle to growth and internationalization for startups, talent shortage is. Our growth companies are no longer able to find skilled professionals for the challenges they want to address.


Introducing Startup Foundation’s new CEO – ”The ecosystem needs diversity”

As the societal importance of startups continues to grow, current challenges must be addressed. The Startup Foundation wants to foster the emergence of diverse startup communities with new talent, science-based startups, and Helsinki's growth into an international startup hub.