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Startup Research Network

Data and research on startups

Data and research are important for understanding the dynamics of the startup ecosystem. Our aim is to support research on startups and startup culture. Currently, data on startups and startup ecosystem is quite scattered. Here is a list of startup ecosystem data and sources. Additions and suggestions to the list are most welcome.


Startup research network

The Foundation has also decided to establish a startup research network in 2021. The aim of the network is to promote diverse startup research through knowledge sharing and peer support. The network is open to different research topics, approaches, and genres. Critical startup research is also welcome. Topics such as methodology, data, funding, etc may be covered.

The network holds quarterly meetings for interested researchers with a low threshold. The meetings are facilitated through 1-2 hour Zoom sessions. The discussion themes are selected according to the wishes of the participants and their own research challenges.


The network is based on voluntary participation. The meetings are a forum for open and honest discussions. Each participant represents only their own project, thus the researcher’s home university or affiliation does not matter. There is also no obligation to report on your work.

Ph.D. student, M.Sc. Taina Ketola, the author of the report Public sector in startup ecosystems will facilitate the meetings.

Meet-ups planned for 2021

1/2021 23.1.2021 9-11. Introduction, rules, and startup data.

6/2021 The theme is selected according to the wishes of the participants, e.g. research funding could be of interest.

9/2021 The theme is selected according to the wishes of the participants.

12/2021 The theme is selected according to the wishes of the participants.

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