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About us

Startup Foundation was founded to support and enable entrepreneurship and the creation, growth, and internationalization of startups in the Nordics. The foundation was established in 2012 and has since grown to be one of the most fundamental supporters of the local ecosystem.

The foundation has ownership in the growth entrepreneurship event Slush, the hackathon community Junction, the private equity fund Wave Ventures, talent accelerator The Shortcut and the startup campus Maria01.


Our community


What the ecosystem is talking about




Startups will save the climate

Climate tech investment grows five times faster than the rest of the venture capital market. However, funding negative emissions technologies can be challenging. Verneri Välimaa dives into the mysteries of carbon removal, climate change and startups with Heidi Lindvall, Harri Lammi and Henrietta Moon.


Breaking the silence – mental health of startup founders

The societal stigma surrounding mental health is preventing people from seeking support; startup founders are particularly at high risk of suffering mental challenges. When we fail to take action early, the result can be devastating for the individual, the company and all stakeholders.


Six questions with Harri Iisakka, the CEO of Wave Ventures

In the latest Six Questions -series we introduce Wave Ventures' freshly appointed CEO Harri Iisakka. Wave's team consists of a diverse group of students and is supported by experienced investors and serial entrepreneurs around the Nordics.